Community Groups

Community Groups


Community Groups are small fellowships of Rio people who learn together through our Personal Worship Model, care for each other and encourage serving outside the group. We offer regular Community Groups and Beta Groups, which are designed for those who want to try a group out with a short-term commitment.

If you would like to be contacted about joining or starting a community group fill out the form below or contact our Community Group Coordinator.

We've prepared a short video asking actual Rio members who are attending a community group to share their thoughts with you. We encourage you to watch it.


What should I expect?

Community Groups are your community within the larger church Community. They are the cornerstone of what may traditionally be called “Christian Education” or “Discipleship.” The goal of joining a Community Group is to grow in your relationship with Jesus around friends who can support and encourage you. Most Community Groups meet throughout the city, on various days and times.

Is childcare provided?

Not all Community Groups offer childcare, but there are options available. Some groups split the cost for a sitter, and others ask members to share the responsibility.

What is the difference between a Beta Group and a Community Group?

Community Groups (CGs) are ongoing groups that tend to have a more established core membership, but still welcome newcomers year-round. Beta Groups are new, short-term CGs that ask their members to make a seven-week commitment, and most, if not all, members will be new to each other. Beta Groups begin each year in late September and January. Both Betas and CGs engage with the same format of

  • Fellowship: creating a warm welcoming environment and also a bond of unity
  • Care: committing to pray for one another, service to each other, service to others in our city (through the group)
  • Contemplation: not just Bible study, but also seeking ways to challenge each other to find ways to live out the Gospel in your day-to-day lives.

Can I visit a few different groups before deciding on one?

Yes, we understand that you may want to visit more than one group before deciding on the best one for you. We do recommend that you visit a group more than once before making a decision.

Can I be a regular group member of more than one group at a time?

Yes, you are welcome to be member of more than one group, but we have found that with a typical schedule, it is often difficult to participate fully in the life of more than one group at a time.

If I haven’t heard back from a group that I contacted, what should I do?

Please contact While our leaders do their best to contact you in a timely manner, things happen. If you have not heard back after a week, we will be happy to help contact the leader for you.

How can I start my own group?

If you are already a member of a CG, talk to your group leader about your interest in co-leading your group or in starting a new group. If you are interested in starting a new group, please contact All CG leaders are required to attend Starting Point before leading.

Do Community Groups serve in the community?

We love seeing CGs take it to the next level and start moving outside of their group into the community.  Your leader will regularly bring options to the group as our Ministry partners notify Rio of opportunities.  The key is to find out what your group is passionate about and either seeking opportunities in your own area or plugging into church-specific initiatives. Regular opportunities exist with external ministries like Hope South Florida, 4KIDS, or Church United.

Internally, CGs can support our First Impressions Team (Greeting & Information Desk), Rio Littles or RioKids*, Communion Team, Community Cafe, or Parking Ministry.

*Please contact to complete the volunteer registration process that is specific to our Children’s Ministries.


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