Center Church Class | April 22, 2017
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    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

  • Fellowship Hall

Center Church Class | April 22, 2017


Thanks for your interest in studying Center Church with us at Rio Vista Community Church. Developed by Redeemer City to City ministries in Manhattan, Center Church is the quintessential work on church growth and gospel revival in the 21st century West.

Our entire staff and all church officers have been working through the study since last Fall, and it has been transformational.

The class will involve the purchase of the book “Center Church” by Tim Keller and also signing up for an online class.

You can sign up for the online class HERE. Remember to enter code KDRB3058 at checkout to get a discounted cost of just $9.99 for each class. The class includes video lectures and other self-directed study, as well as discussion questions and answers that will be shared with others in your same class of Rio people.

After signing up for the online class and reading the Introduction section of the book we invite you to the Center Church Kickoff class at 9 AM on Saturday, March 18th, in the Fellowship Hall.

Additional classes meet on the following dates:

  1. April 22nd (Gospel)
  2. June 24th (City)
  3. August 19th (Movement)
  4. September 23rd (Graduation).

All classes are on a Saturday morning, and all meet from 9 AM to 12 noon in the Fellowship Hall.

Sign up using the button below so we know you’re coming.

If you have any questions, please email our Director of Church Administration, Katie Johnston (