Who is TeamHope? TeamHope is Rio Vista’s community of volunteers committed to serving the homeless and hurting by meeting the needs of the Rio House and Hope South Florida, a Christian non-profit organization […]

Who is TeamHope?

TeamHope is Rio Vista’s community of volunteers committed to serving the homeless and hurting by meeting the needs of the Rio House and Hope South Florida, a Christian non-profit organization addressing poverty in our city. There are many aspects of TeamHope service, ranging from building construction to family mentoring, from interior design to facilitating classes and workshops. Whatever your interests, TeamHope helps volunteers use their abilities to impact families in need.

What is the Rio House?

The Rio House is a safe home for formerly homeless women and their children, offering a healthy environment and loving Christian community to families in need. As a multi-unit transitional housing facility in the Hope South Florida network, the Rio House is owned and cared for by Rio Vista Community Church. Led by its TeamHope volunteers, we officially dedicated the Rio House on August 18th, 2012. Hope South Florida is our case management partner, hand-selecting our resident families and working closely with us to provide a wide range of services. Our job is to provide loving community support through the church, as we would for family and friends.

What is next for TeamHope?

TeamHope is building a group of Rio volunteers committed to the needs of the poor in our city.

Over the past few months, we’ve kicked off programs for the mothers to learn, grow and develop themselves personally and professionally. This is all for the purpose of helping these families reach their goal independence and self sufficiency.

Whether it’s leading youth activities like sports and art, caring for very young children, or just being a positive presence in their lives…we need your service!

If you are interested, please contact TeamHope by email at


If you would like to make a monetary donation to support the Rio House, and you’d like to put that on a credit card, we’ve set up a page to receive that. Click here:

Feel free to share that link with your friends!

Ministry Opportunities With TeamHope!

We encourage everyone to consider joining the TeamHope community, and offer up your time, passions, skills and talents to volunteer service. TeamHope has launched three unique ministry teams, each dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless families in a specific way. Please reach out to learn more and sign-up where you’re most passionate!


Family Support

First and foremost, the Lord has called us to provide loving community to homeless families in need. The critical Family Support team is focused on building this community for the Rio House families through personal outreach and support efforts. The wide array of service needs for the families include: Facilitating group activities, organizing play dates, inviting to church activities, providing transportation and childcare as well as educational tutoring for the children.

Contact: Matt Lomenick,


By teaching practical skills and sharing personal or professional expertise, we can help HSF families lay a foundation for long-term success. TeamHope is building a Learning Workshop program that will cover a wide range of essential topics, which we’ll offer to formally homeless families including those in the Rio House. Please consider assisting with the following workshops you feel well suiting for:

  • Financial literacy/budgeting
  • Career search/preparation
  • Health advocacy/wellness
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Culinary/cooking
  • Computer skills
  • Nutrition
  • Legal Assessments
  • Parenting Skills
  • Auto Repair

Contact: Amanda Mason,

Rio House Facility Upkeep

We’re passionate about making sure the Rio House is always a safe, beautiful and functioning home for our families, a refuge from worldly stresses as families take steps forward in life. Become a part of this ministry team and help with the on-going needs of Rio House upkeep, including structural maintenance, landscaping, fencing, cleaning, decorating and furnishing units. We’ll also take the lead on exciting projects like building a community patio and a playground for the children.

Contact: Ken Nordstrom,

Please contact with general questions.

Your Next Step

Your first step in getting involved with TeamHope is to complete our of our volunteer profiles. This will enter you into our database and on our mailing list for periodic updates as opportunities to help arise. Thank you for wanting to help TeamHope!

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