Made to Flourish Conference
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Made to Flourish Conference

What is the Common Good Conference?

The Common Good conference was created in 2013 as a way to engage in a conversation about the common good — a subject that is not often addressed directly, especially among Christians. What is the common good? Why is the common good so central to the mission of the church? And what are some practical ways we can pursue the common good, both as individuals and churches?

This conference is for those who want to explore the role the common good should play in our Christian lives, and for those who are already working in their communities and want to dig deeper.

CG2017 Overview

The theme for this year’s conference is churches for the common good. Churches are not just to seek their own flourishing, or even just the flourishing of Christians. Gospel-centered churches seek the flourishing of all people as well. That is, they seek the common good. How do we do that? We will look at seeking the common good of our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and our cities.

By bringing individuals committed to their cities together for an innovative and interactive learning experience, CG2017 will empower the local church as a primary agent of cultural renewal for the common good.