Rio Young Adults

Rio Young Adults


The heart of this ministry starts with a central idea, its an animating principle that sets us in motion with intentionality. It is the idea that the ...

The Gospel Changes Everything

It has comprehensive implications to every aspect of our lives, our culture, every person, every place, and thing. Instead of thinking of Rio 20 & 30's solely as a demographic what if we engaged the meaningful cultural spheres our generation already inhabits, influences and can transform.

Instead of starting with our individual needs, what if as a community of believers we set our hearts upon participating in God's plan to spiritually, socially and culturally renew, restore and love our neighborhoods, workplaces, and community.

We set out to accomplish this vision through 4 initiatives:

  1. Forums (Community conversations)
  2. Faith & Work
  3. City, Arts & Culture
  4. Social Renewal (Connecting us to the redemptive needs of the city)

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