Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry

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Why do we worship with music?

  • God commands it, for His glory and our good. (Colossians 3:16; Ephesians 5:19).

  • Singing unifies us. We sing the same confessions and praises, in rhythm, unison, and harmony. 

  • Music accesses parts of our memory that mere words cannot. Songs make the truths of God alive to us, and memorable. 

  • To humble ourselves and glorify God. As is the case with every element of the worship service, the time of singing has little to do with you--the quality of your voice, your stylistic preferences, what you do or don't get out of it, or how you generally feel about it. For some, music is a natural outpouring of their spirit in worship. For others, participating with the congregation in song may require some bit of sacrifice in one or more of the above areas, in order that they may spur others on in their worship, and not be a hindrance.

Why do I lead in Worship?

by Ryan Brasington

Every member of the church body has been given, by God, particular gifts to be used in contribution to the good of the church. Those who have gifts related to music and worship can play a vital role in pointing the congregation to communion with Christ during the weekly services of worship. In Rio's cultural context, that looks like a collection of drummers, guitarists, pianists, singers, bassists, and orchestral instrumentalists who serve the congregation as lead worshipers. It only works if every person plays the unique role he or she has been equipped to fill.

If you are a member of Rio Vista Church and you feel that your gifts may have a role to play in the worship-music team, please contact Amanda Mason for more information. 

Email Amanda at this link.

It only works if every person plays the unique role he or she has been equipped to fill.

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