Truth Unearthed

Truth Unearthed

This class has concluded. Both video and audio are available through our Rio app (from the home screen, tap Media and then select Truth Unearthed). To watch the series on a computer, CLICK THIS LINK. For class handout materials, please scroll to the bottom of this page. We will link them there.

Thanks for your interest in our Biblical Archaeology class, “Truth Unearthed,” taught by Rev. Sam Kastensmidt. Through this class you will discover the abundant archaeological evidence for the authenticity of the biblical account, be encouraged in your faith and learn to defend it, and walk through the beautiful narrative of the entire Bible as one story of redemption.

Our class goals: (1) Encourage believers, (2) Challenge skepticism, (3) Promote biblical literacy.

Archaeological Evidence – 01 – Genesis

Archaeological Evidence – 02 – Slavery & Exodus

Archaeological Evidence – 03 – Wilderness to David

Archaeological Evidence – 04 – Solomon to Exile

Archaeological Evidence – 05 – Return to NT

Archaeological Evidence – 06 – Reliability of NT Scriptures

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